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Binary Options Tester - world's first platform for creating and testing Binary Options robots.

Enjoy Creating And Testing Binary Options Robots Online

Binary Options Tester

Lightning-fast backtests

Tests your strategies against historical data and shows you the results in the blink of an eye.

Excellent Code Without Coding

Lets you create Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Yet the exported Expert code is clean and easy to read and modify.

One-click Startegy Generator

Allows you to generate strategies for every market. Select the currency and time frame - the app will do the rest for you.

Experts That Make Sense

Enables you to create only logically sound strategies by using a predefined strategy structure and trading rules.

Rock Solid Indicators

Relies only on the standard MetaTrader indicators you know and love. Using the MetaTrader indicators makes EA Studio extremely fast and reliable.

Robustness Testing

Benefits from a state of the art technology for Expert Advisor robustness testing: Monte Carlo simulations and Multi Market testing.

Free Access for Testing

A Subscription is Required for Exporting Signal and Trading Experts

You can test the application freely and to use the Generator, the strategy collections and all other powerful tools.
However, you need a subscription in order to export your expert signals and trading experts for MetaTrader 4.


A single Expert Adivsor can fail in real market conditions. We create a portfolio of strategies for each market (let's say 2, 5, 10 …) and put them all to trade simultaneously. This is easy because of the power of Binary Options Tester. At the end of the week (or other predefined period) we evaluate the performance of all experts. We remove those that fail and replace them with new ones we have already created. We don't rely on a single expert or on a single market because we are not limited by our trading systems.

Binary Options Tester exports trading and signlas experts written in 100% native MQL code. Our program does not require third party code and compiles in MetaTrader without any errors or warnings.

Yes of course! Binary Options Tester is the most advanced platform for creating strategies for signals and trading expert advisors. It enables you to use a fully automated workflow for generating, optimizing and validating trading bots. This system is called Strategy Reactor.

  • I'm quite impressed with Binary Options Tester. It is so powerful and fast and easy to use at the same time that I'm really excited about its capabilities. Honestly I didn't expect to have so many possibilities in a web application.


Binary Options Tester provides you with all the necessary tools for creating and analyzing Expert Advisors


The Generator serves a single purpose. That is – to provide you with a practically unlimited number of strategies. The Generator creates and tests your strategies automatically. It uses advanced acceptance criteria to choose the best strategies that fit your requirements.

Binary Options Tester - Generator Screenshot


The best strategies from the Generator go to the Collection. There you can sort and filter the best strategies as you wish. This allows you to easily to choose the most fit-to-trade strategies. You might find the Collection to be a very useful tool that lets you easily choose a strategy with a good chart. Clicking on a Strategy in the Collection will load it in the Editor.

Binary Options Tester - Collection Screenshot


The optimizer is a speedy tool created to optimize the indicator's numeric parameters as well as the new Stop Loss and Take Profit. The Optimizer allows you to do Out Of Sample testing, to validate strategies and to add them to the Collection.

Binary Options Tester - Optimizer Screenshot


In the Editor you can see the basic strategy parameters, the indicators and the trading rules. You can also use it to review the Strategies from the Generator as well as to create your very own strategies manually. Each time you change something in the strategy the Editor will recalculate the statistics and the balance chart.

Binary Options Tester - Editor Screenshot

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is the most important tool to validate the robustness of your tradign bots. The program makes various symulations trying to reduce the performance. It shows you the compleete stats and also a Confidence table.

Binary Options Tester - Monte Carlo Screenshot

Multi Market

You can easily test how the startegies perform on different markets. This tool loads different data series and perform backtest with one click. You see the different balance lines plotted on a single chart, which makes the evaluation very easy. You can also set criteria for automated validation.

Binary Options Tester - Multi Market Screenshot

Backtest Stats and Charts


Binary Options Tester - Backtest Stats and Charts Screenshot

  Validation Criteria

You have the full control to set how the program will create trading bots.

Binary Options Tester - Validation Criteria Screenshot

Historical Data


Binary Options Tester - Historical Data Screenshot

Strategy Reactor

The Strategy Reactor is an automated workflow for creating and validating strategies.

Binary Options Tester - Strategy Reactor Screenshot

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