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Forex Strategy Builder Professional

Forex Strategy Builder Professional is our ultimate product after 10 year of development of forex backtesting and trading tools. It includes many new features like: user profiles, data sources, working with multiple strategies, collections, real OOS generating and optimization, faster loading, improved user interface, integrated longer time frame indicators…

The program includes new strategy analysis and robustness testing tools like Multi Market and Monte Carlo. A rial time “Portfolio” feature monitors all open strategies and generates an aggregate performance report.

Forex Strategy Builder

Forex Strategy Builder is a visual forex strategy back tester. It provides an easy way of building and simulating forex strategies by combining various technical indicators and historical quotes.

Forex Strategy Builder uses real forex data to perform back tests for the various foreign exchange pairs or time periods and calculate the real life result of the strategy. It supplies detailed charts and statistics, and the automatic journals show all transactions and positions, as well as the changes in your virtual bank account.

Forex Strategy Trader

Forex Strategy Trader is an automatic trading platform working via MetaTrader. It is able to load a strategy constructed with Forex Strategy Builder and to trade it automatically on the forex market. A trader can use its visual interface to quickly create new strategies.

The usual strategy consists of technical indicators and the rules for their interpretation by the program. All the possible rules and combination are accessible through drop down menus and after the strategy is set all you need to do is connect to the Meta Trader terminal and click “Start Automatic Execution”.

Reviews and Awards

Softpedia Editor's Review for Forex Strategy Builder
EDITOR'S RATING: 5.0/5 Five Stars Editor Rating

Useful and straightforward application that helps you to quickly create and test a trading strategy for the Internet Forex market.

Forex Strategy Builder - 100% Clean
Forex Strategy Builder - SOFTPEDIA “100% CLEAN” AWARD

100% Clean
This product was last tested in the Softpedia Labs on 21st of June 2013 by Cristina Jitaru

Softpedia guarantees that Forex Strategy Builder is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

Third Party Forex Software

Below you will find some interesting third party software for your consideration. These products are commercial and if you purchase a product from the links below, I'll get a commission from the developer. The provided descriptions are from original publishers' websites. Please contact me, if you think that any of these products is inappropriate for our website. You can also propose other products to include in the list.

Tick Story

Tickstory Light is a freeware program that can download tick data and export them as a CSV file compatible with Forex Strategy Builder.

Tickstory is a trader's database that: Downloads market data for instruments from various sources, Stores this information in a local database for quick retrieval, Outputs/exports this data to various trading platforms.

The current version of Tickstory Lite allows you to: Download quality tick data for Forex pairs for free, Export this data to file (in various formats like CSV) so you can import it into your own trading package, Export your data to Metatrader 4, and produce quality 99% back-tests of your Expert Advisors!

 Walk Forward Analyzer for MetaTrader

Walk Forward Analyzer for MetaTrader How do you know if your expert advisor is truly profitable? MetaTrader's Strategy Tester doesn't give you the whole picture! Are you trading based on overly optimistic backtests, and disappointed to find that your expert advisor is losing money in live trading?

Would you like to know if your expert advisor is profitable, quickly and easily, without losing money? The Walk Forward Analyzer uses MetaTrader's own Strategy Tester to perform a walk forward analysis, using the settings and testing parameters provided by the user. The software is easy to use, and can provide you with a complete walk forward analysis in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do it manually.

Forex Tester

Forex Tester is a specialized software designed exclusively for accurately simulating Forex trading. It is the best tool for quickly improving your trading skills, testing out new strategies and developing confidence without risking any real money.

The Tester has over 10 years of historical data that you can use to test any strategy. Depending on the time frame selected, you can simulate trading years of data in just a few hours. It is a free standing separate program that comes with its own extensive selection of indicators including Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACDs, Pivot Points, Parabolic-SAR, RSI, Stochastic, Keltner Channels, Heiken Ashi candles, and many more. Choose from 18 different currencies to test, including gold and silver.

Forex Copier

Forex Signal Copier is a powerful tool, which allows copying orders between MetaTrader 4 accounts. The software is easy to use, reliable and works with any MT4 platforms (ECN support, 4/5 digits support, etc…). It can be used by individual traders who manage several accounts at the same time or our software can be used by professional traders who want to start Signals Service.

Also, Forex Copier can be used for reversing trades from losing accounts in order to get profit in your account, the more losses master account gets the more profit your account earns. So if you know investor password from the account of “loser” then you can earn some money on that with the help of reverse function of our Copier.

COT Indicator Suite for MetaTrader 4

The Commitment of Traders (COT) Indicator Suite for MetaTrader 4 is a weekly report issued by the CFTC. This report lists the total long and short positions of large traders in the futures market, including banks, hedge funds and manufacturers. Savvy traders have used the COT report for years to make informed trading decisions.

Although the COT report tracks only the futures market, it can be useful as an indicator of demand by large traders who drive much of the price action in the forex market. All of the major currencies are traded in the futures market, and you can track the performance of commodities that drive currency prices, such as gold or oil.

Forex Signal Lamp

Forex Signal Lamp prompts you to buy or sell through the eight signal lamp. It's very clear, simple and practical. This professional version will provide a faster update rate of the signal allowing rapid EA trading for MT4 system. You will find it easy to obtain a steady and reasonable income from the forex market.

This software is suitable for individual investors that have a reasonable profit expectations and use trading system based on technical analysis.