99% quality

And at the increased price it would still be a bargain (smile)...

Also, I would like to add that I'm learning a ton from the responses from the more experienced users.  I'm new to Forex and the suggestions and insights you provide in your posts saves me sooo much time and aggravation.  It's sort of like when someone suggests that you not touch a hot stove because you will get burned -- some people heed the advice and benefit from the experience of those that have already "been there, done it".

This notion that MT4 is the greatest software on the planet keeps coming up, and it is hard to break away from that belief because it is so predominant and used by every broker.  But you guys are right!  The more I heed the advice to rely more on FSB and less on MT4 then the easier and more fun things become.  Plus, I'm creating great strategies in a fraction of the time I was spending developing my own indicators and EAs.

I don't know if it is appropriate to post something like this here -- I just wanted to make sure y'all know your help and advice are valued and greatly appreciated.

Martingale Strategie

Oh, i have thinked, he make then mathematic commercial

0.01 * 1,5 = 0,015 = 0.02

that i make in real life wink

ok, understand.

Thank you smile

Martingale Strategie

rantampla wrote:

ok, thank you, i will test that, but my idea was with 0.01 and max 1.5 multiplier smile

0.01*1.5=0.015 lots, you can't open a position of this size, 0.015 lot ist nicht vorhanden.

EA Studio or FSB Pro

Yes that i understand.

With FSB Pro i can much set.

But with EA Studio i can make Reactor, that is very nice.

This is why i ask, what use the Guys, that have many years Experince with FSB Pro and EA Studio smile

I am a newby with this software. Trading i make since 2004.

Automated Trading i have first see last year smile

Martingale Strategie

ok, thank you, i will test that, but my idea was with 0.01 and max 1.5 multiplier smile

EA Studio or FSB Pro

You can use each for its own features, they are quite different.

Martingale Strategie

Use bigger multiplier, 2 would be a logical minimum instead of 1.5. Because your entry lot size is 0.01, in case of multiplication it should be 0.01*1.5=0.015, but 0.015 is not a usable lot size, 0.02 is in your case.

You can increase starting lot to 0.02, too!

Test these settings and you'll see it works fine in backtest.

Martingale Strategie

Yes, that i understand.

But when you load my Strategie, that i have postet, then you can see, that it not work, as it must.

I not sure, that i have all settings right for this. But i dont know what i can make other.

You would love so much and try it and help me? smile

Martingale Strategie

Martingale works after a losing trade. If there are no losses, there is no lot size multiplication.

Martingale Strategie

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